Xindesk Ajax Desktop. Your computer. Accessble from wherever you are.

Forgot to forward that email to yourself? Missed copying the presentation for tomorrow to your USB-stick? Don’t worry. Xindesk gives you access to all your files and personal data from any web browser.


Xindesk is a free, one stop shop solution for making all your files, calendars, contacts and other data accessible and in sync wherever you are. It’s pretty much like accessing your computer from any standard web browser, from a computer, a mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet.

WebOS done right

The core of Xindesk is a WebOS featuring application that opens and saves the standard office formats. Xindesk is the first web operating system that works easily, even for people without deep computer knowledge. The WebOS is an open platform, just like Windows and Mac OS. This enables anyone to develop new applications.

In sync with Xinsync

Most of our users already have a desktop or a laptop computer. To make their files and data easily accessible anywhere, we also offer Sync services for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Everything included

Xindesk features close to every application you find on your desktop PC from start, for free. Store your files in the file manager. Browse the web or store your bookmarks in the Internet Browser. Customize your desktop with the stickies application with RSS support. The mail application comes with a free Xinmail account, but also support 3rd party POP and IMAP4 accounts. Of course there’s productivity applications with MS Office support, an address book, a photo viewer and some games. We are also developing an instant messenger with Jabber, AOL/ICQ and MSN support. Another key feature of Xindesk is that it enables you to share anything – pictures, music and other files, with your colleagues, friends or family members.

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