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10 Reasons Why people use the Internet

Internet. It can be understood pretty well because it is very convenient just push the "Start"’ button and search for the necessary information in Google rather than for a long time and most probably unsuccessfully gathering it in the libraries and among the friends. It became so simple to get a piece of advice from a person you want, you need to place you question in a popular social network or in the special websites. So, if to think deeply, nowadays having a computer and the Internet is not a privilege, but it is a primary need, which makes you an inevitable part of the modern world, in which we are living.

1st Reason. To be a part of society.
As I was talking in my article above being a social part is a necessary need and even obligation of every human. To be such one we need to follow the technologies development. And exactly the Internet favors this fact as nothing else does.


2nd Reason. To get information they need.
Going to the libraries or to different bookstores is no longer popular as at least several years ago because now it will be expensive to buy a book, and very time consuming as it is easier to download and to look through the article you need in the Internet by using Google. Just by several clicks people can reach the data from every corner of the world. Isn’t it amazing?

3rd Reason. To communicate with each other.
Can you imagine your life without using Skype or ICQ, or without visiting such popular social networks as Facebook, Gmail, Rambler, Yahoo and so on? I guess the answer will be "No". Because if you once registered then you became addicted to it. Communicating through social network became a normal thing, and to say more now you can have friends all over the world and share valuable knowledge and experience both you and they gained.

4th Reason. To relax and to have fun.
Sometimes people don’t need any reasons for connecting to the Internet. It is just for fun looking at different sites according to our interests. There are plenty of them, so we can choose whatever we want from cooking to archeology, from job offers to torrent sites. We play games, downloading fun software or listen to the music that means that we try to entertain ourselves with the modern technologies’ help.

5th Reason. To watch movies, to read books etc.
Nowadays we got used to that fact that we can find any program or movie put in the Internet. There are plenty of specially created websites, which allow downloading for free or for some fee.
The Internet allowed to exchange files with various content, so now we don’t have to go to France to the national movie festival to see them. We can download them just with one click and for several minutes (or for some hours) depending on your connection.

But Intenet customers should be careful with content, that can be unsafe or even damage your computer. For security reasons it is highly recomended to have latest antivirus version and Internet safety software for paretal control. This can save a lot of your time and money.