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Parrot Zik review

Parrot ZikIf you are fond of the best type of sound for your headphones then the headphones from Parrot Zik are the ones that can be your possible dream. It is among the best and this is made with the most theoretically inspiring tins to rock the shops to date. It also has wireless Bluetooth connectivity; the Zik supports the technology that suppresses sound, touch screen operation, and a feeler which stops music when they are take them off.

It will sound quite inspiring in black and white, but one must know and then decide whether they are actually good to have and use. Taking tough challenge against harsh rivalry including the L1s from Philips Fidelio and the B&W P3s, Zik has the best techniques which includes in the list of one of the best headphones available anywhere.

The following can describe it further.

Design of Parrot Zik

As per the visuals are the works of experts of French designing Philippe Starck. Due to his expertise, it can’t any surprise that the headphones look delightfully sophisticated. The ear plugs are designed and covered specially with a pleasantly flat lusterless rubber. It can be noticed that the metal structure shows a similar non-polished steel effect. It is made richer with the telltale signature of a traditional Starck design.

Controls of the Parrot Zik

Paired up with the top-class headphones, with Bluetooth, are luckily free from all sorts of fuss and we notice that this association remained physically powerful with a rich-looking range. The Zik also features like Near Field Communication (NFC) which is meant for faster coupling. Almost naturally, that system won't do the users any good except the use of NFC with their music player.

Besides the wireless potential, the softer yet powerful touch pad is the most attractive feature of the Zik. The whole exterior of the right ear plug is a capacitive touch panel. You can play and pause the system just with a tap at the panel. You can move ahead or go back to your playlist by touching back and forth.

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