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Review of My Word Coach

MyWordCoachMy Word Coach is a casual word game that aims to improve the vocabulary of the player. It is based upon the earlier works of Ton Cobb and James Paul Gee. There is a series of mini games that are designed to test the knowledge of the player in terms of connection between words and their definitions. Player gets points based upon his accuracy as well as the speed in which he spells the words correctly. These aspects of the players ability are fed into an algorithm to come up with his EP or Expression Potential as it is called in this new game. With advancing levels and the correct answers from the player, his EP increases and new levels get unlocked. The game has now new challenges such as wireless competition and an endurance test. The following is a brief description of the 6 mini games.

Split Decision

This is a fast paced game where the player is asked to choose from one of the two options that are thrown at him after he is given a word or a definition. The game becomes more difficult when the player has the option of not choosing either of the two choices.

Word Shuffle

Te player is handed out a group of words and he has to match one of them with the word thrown at him in a limited time. With passing levels, there is an increase in number of words and definitions.

Pasta Letters

The player is given a bowl of letters and he has to come up with a word that matches the definition thrown at him. With advancing levels, these words slowly start to sink in the bowl containing soup.